Cat Pricing

Just like our doggie customers, Cats may choose either a Basic Bath and Brush or a full haircut Style. The bath and brush service includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, bath, and brush. Your kitty will be gently towel dried and fluffed with a brush to encourage air circulation from our shop fans and/or kennel dryers with no heat added. Very few cats tolerate force drying, and we will not push the issue with any cats. Due to this, expect to leave kitty for 3-4 hours for their coat to be completely dry. If you do not mind damp paws or a damp belly, we are happy to contact you sooner for pick up.

The Style service includes all The Basics plus a hair cut. Because of the delicate nature of a cat’s skin, there are only certain style techniques that are safe for cats. Please discuss your style session thoroughly with your stylist.

Extras Available: We offer several deluxue packages including mudbaths, breath freshening and more. We also offer soft claw cap covers for your kitty’s nails.  Cat appointments are available on a limited basis. This is  to minimize sound stress, and is only available when a cat expert is available for scheduling. We will contact you when your kitty is ready for pick up. Our base pricing can be seen below. We estimate a $25 range for most cats. Listed prices are for ideal coats and temperaments. Your kitty’s individual package may very based on need. Please remember, we do not accept sedated pets. We do our best to offer a low stress environment instead and refer sedated grooms to a veterinarian where they can be properly supervised.

  • Cat Bath and Brush

  • 55/

  • nails clipped,ears wiped out, bathed, air dried, and brushedex
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  • Cat blade trim

  • 102/

  • 10 blade used on body, boots left, nails trimmed, ears wiped, bathed and air driedex
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  • Cat comb blade longer trim

  • 150/

  • Note: longer trims are ONLY available to cats who tolerate the grooming process well and may take 5-6 hours to ensure a dry coat. Please discuss thoroughly with our pet stylist at drop off.ex
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