Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming- haircuts or bath and brush available. See Pricing.


Cats are a specialty here at Synergy. We have the experience, talent and patience to safely and expertly groom felines. Over the years, there are some things we have learned about cats. Cats are sensitive creatures. Cats do best in environments that are quiet and stress-free. For this reason, we have do not accept cats on Saturdays which can be busy and loud with barking dogs. Cats get priority booking. Please schedule your kitty for weekday appointments at 11:30 or noon for the lowest stress experience possible. We do offer creative styles for cats, however, our top priority is the safety and comfort of your baby. If at any time during the grooming process your kitty is stressed, we will let you know, and a style that minimizes the stress of your kitty will be completed.