Our dog grooming services include full service grooming or bath and brush packages for all breeds of dogs.


Packages include: nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath and brush, blowdry and haircut (if applicable)

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We love dogs of all kinds! Your Synergy Style Experts can help you find a style that you love for your baby. A well-maintained style is an essential element of good health. Your stylist will alert you to any lumps, bumps, unusual behaviors or anything else we notice during grooming. We do not diagnose conditions or dispense medical advice, rather we support your pets health by providing information, and referrals to excellent pet health providers when needed. Additionally, your pet’s skin needs to breathe. Regular grooming keeps your pet’s fur free of matting, releases shed hairs and invigorates the skin. Our stylists are passionate about giving families the tools they need to keep their family member’s fur coat in the best condition possible. If recurring matting or excessive shedding has become an issue for you, we can help!

Because we believe so strongly that regular grooming is essential to your pet’s health, you will be given the opportunity to schedule your next appointment before you leave. Our exclusive VIP program allows your pet to look great while you save money!  Ask your stylist for details.