Is your pet a VIP? Join the club!


  • Save on monthly grooming.
  • Earn points toward other exclusive VIP perks.
  • Annual Pet Portraits
  • Exclusive VIP events
  • 10 Bark buck credit in your account at sign up.

How it works:

Synergy VIP club is a monthly auto-pay  subscription membership  program that allows you to  save up to 40% on your pet’s grooming. Each month, you have the opportunity to claim one grooming appointment based on the plan level you have selected. Unclaimed appointments do not roll over, however,if you do not claim an appointment one month, we will gift you additional Bark Bucks to use on additional awesome Synergy perks. Synergy’s VIP program allows us to better serve our clients by predicting our staffing needs. This means that when the competition has closed shop, we will still be here to keep your pet looking and feeling great! Our VIP club is still in its infancy and we are adding new perks all the time! It’s easy to enroll, and you can change your plan at any time or unenroll after the initial 3 month commitment. Give it a try today and start saving! VIP sign up in-store.

Note: If you are new to Synergy, your pet’s first visit will be priced at regular market value. Your custom quote will be given after your pet’s grooming and your VIP plan will begin the following month after you sign up. Not all pets are eligible for enrollment. We reserve the right to limit the number of pets enrolled each month.  With regret, we are only able to enroll a very limited number of “large” dogs in our VIP program at this time due to recent increased demand and limited space. 

Synergy VIP Plans:

  • Bath club-  claim one free monthly bath and brush service. Service includes bath, blow dry, brushing, nails trimmed and ears cleaned.
  • Style club-  claim one free full service groom per month! Monthly service includes all of the bath club basics, plus a full hair cut.
  • Maintenance club- *Our most Popular Plan* allows you to claim all of the basics at one free salon visit per month plus a rotating schedule of a face, feet and fanny trim to “maintain” a cut on one month, then the next month a full haircut, up to six full service grooms per year.
  • Premium-  Reserves your choice of spa upgrade at every visit, add to your VIP plan.


Bark Bucks

Every VIP account is credited 10 bark bucks per year to start. Bark bucks are a new addition to the program and we will be adding more perks and buck opportunities in the near future. Bark Bucks have no cash value and must be redeemed during the time your pet is enrolled as a VIP. If you do not use your monthly service plan benefit, your account will be credited an additional 10 bark bucks.